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Henry Schein Digital Dentistry combines the widest choice of digital technology solutions with all the knowledge, service and support needed to help practitioners navigate the rapidly changing world of digital dentistry. Henry Schein Digital Dentistry integrates digital technology into every step of the clinical and laboratory workflow, with the goal of:

• Enhancing the patient experience
• Delivering predictable, quality dentistry
• Improving efficiency and productivity Henry Schein Digital Dentistry positions us as the “Go To” company for digital dentistry. It is not just about the technology, it’s about making the technology work for the practice, laboratory and patient.


Produce highly accurate, durable, beautiful results in an astonishingly short time frame.

With CADCAM, you can choose how to work. So if a single visit chairside solution is what you’re looking for, Henry Schein can provide this.

Or if you would still prefer to work with your partnering laboratory for more complex cases, you can still do so, just with far more accurate results.

Sending images is easy

You can send over digital images as well as 3shape and CEREC files using file transfer software.

Benefits at a glance

  • Durable, aesthetic results.
  • Perfect for both simple and complex restorations.
  • Tailored treatment options with the advanced complete scan.


Make custom-made surgical guides, abutments and direct cement or screw-retained crowns in-house in a day.

By using a 3D digital X-ray (CBCT) and an Intraoral Scanner, implant planning is not only easier, but more accurate. The software means surgical guides are produced quickly and precisely. You will see the planned drill depth and alignment very clearly, significantly reducing room for error and making the procedure far safer for the patient. It also eliminates the need for a model.

The results are astonishing

You can provide patients with custom-made abutments and cement or direct screw-retained crowns in just one visit. Implantology is one of the fastest growing sectors in modern dentistry, so it makes sense to get on board and benefit from this technology.

Benefits at a glance

  • Single visits or reduced visits with direct screw-retained crowns or custom-made abutments.
  • Advanced materials for temporary implant restorations.


Henry Schein Digital Dentistry is 100% committed to taking care of your practice so you can focus on what matters the most, your patients.

We do this in a number of ways. As well as providing a competitive and fast service on high-quality orthodontic materials, equipment, finance, training and servicing, we also have new specialist teams dedicated to supporting your business:

  • Orthodontic product support, providing the latest support and guidance on products to help you meet/exceed your patients’ requirements and run a more successful practice.
  • CADCAM and digital imaging specialists to support your transition into digital dentistry.
  • Practice management software specialists to help you manage your business effectively and increase your profitability.
  • A team of specialists offering orthodontic educational courses to support training and development for the entire practice team.

Let our experts help you with whatever you need. We provide guidance on digitising your practice using digital imaging, thus increasing profitability.


Intraoral Scanning

Digital Impressions: there are so many great reasons to go digital!

  • Improved patient experience and comfort
  • Digital accuracy, omitting manual errors
  • Easy impression taking, eliminating retakes
  • Save costs on impression materials, shipping and storage
  • Save time and see more patients
  • Quick and easy submissions to Invisalign solutions
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