Formlabs Form 2 3D printer

The industry leading desktop 3D printer

The Formlabs Form 2 makes high precision dental 3D printing affordable for businesses of all sizes, enabling cost-effective, mass-customized digital production of a wide range of dental products.

STEP 1: Design

Design your model in your regular CAD software and import an STL or OBJ file into our PreForm print preparation software. One-Click Print offers an option for automatically orienting, supporting, and laying out your 3D models.

STEP 2: Print

Professional 3D printing has never been so easy. Send prints over WiFi, reprint previous jobs, and manage your print queue directly from our touchscreen interface. During printing, the peel mechanism, wiper, and heated resin tank create a consistent, reliable print process.

STEP 3: Finish

For the best results and mechanical properties, all SLA parts require IPA rinsing and post-curing. Form Wash and Form Cure streamline and automate post-processing of Form 2 prints. Consistently produce high-quality results with less time and effort.

Technical data

  • Layer thickness 25, 50, 100 microns
  • Build volume 5.7 × 5.7 × 6.9 in
  • Laser spot size: 150 microns
  • Connectivity: Wifi, Ethernet and USB
  • Product dimensions: 13.5 × 13 × 20.5 in
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One Printer, Many Applications

Thanks to a growing library of dental materials, the Form 2 3D printer can be used for a wide range of dental applications. An automated resin system enables switching between applications in under a minute, with no cleaning or waste.

Crown and bridge models
Surgical guides 1
Orthodontic Models

Crown and bridge models

Designed for crown and bridge models with removable dies, Dental Model Resin is a high-precision, high-accuracy resin.

Surgical guides

Directly print surgical guides with Formlabs Dental SG material, a Class 1 biocompatible resin(EN-ISO 10993-1:2009/ AC:2010, USP Class VI).

Orthodontic Models

Produce dental appliances by using 3D printed models for vacuum forming aligners, diagnostic wax-up trays, indirect bonding trays, or retainers.

High precision parts and less efforts with Form Wash and Form Cure

Form Wash

Form Wash

Form Wash offers a uniform, consistent and automated cleaning process.

Form Cure

Form Cure

Form Cure introduces a powerful method that enhances post-curing 3D prints by precisely controlling light, temperature and time.

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