Sirona CEREC® Omnicam – Less discomfort, fast and precise impressions

Are you ready for the digital dentistry revolution with digital scanning? Digital scanning in Dentistry is made easy – Only with Sirona CEREC omnicam for practices! Acquire an image of the preparation and opposing jaw with the CEREC design process. Use CEREC Cad Cam to scan, design and mill a crown in just a few hours!

Just a few clicks are needed to draw the preparation margin, and the software assists you with marking and supports you with a pivoting 3D view.

Unrivalled handling, powder-free scanning and precise 3D images in natural colour! The Omnicam is innovative, versatile, and a sensation in the CADCAM camera market.

The Omnicam is designed to hold naturally, so taking digital impressions is easy, intuitive and ergonomic.

Benefits at a glance

  • Powder-free scanning in colour
  • Unrivalled handling
  • Fast and precise full-arch scans
  • NEW: Easy Shade Analysis

CEREC Omnicam – Innovative & versatile in the CAD CAM camera market.  Contact for a FREE consultation. 

CEREC Omnicam
Eimear O'Connell CEREC Omnicam Testimonial